A Dream Before Dying/The Initiation

Christian Books, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Tony Scott Macauley

Publisher : Dancing House Publishing

ABOUT Tony Scott Macauley

Tony Scott Macauley
Tony Scott Macauley, an ordained Christian Minister, Non Denomination, is a former US Army Ranger, serving with 1/75, 3/75 Ranger Battalions, and finally for the Department of the Army Ranger School as instructor/trainer.   His love for the word of God, the military and sharing knowledg More...



In search of Vanessa, his first love, Vincent J. Christopher graduates from college and reports for duty in Vietnam as a young U.S. Army chaplain. Trained to fulfill his first commission, providing spiritual guidance and comfort to the soldiers in First Squad, he's unknowingly chosen for initiation into the realm of Immortal Keepers.

If successful, he will receive a second commission, gathering God's elect and preparing them for the upcoming end time battle. The day before his twenty-first birthday, he dreams of time traveling between 1967 Vietnam and 33 A.D. Jerusalem, reliving the agonizing deaths of his squad members, as well as witnessing the three-year ministry of Christ. When Vincent realizes he may be trapped in ancient Jerusalem and forced to visually endure the horrific torture of Christ's crucifixion, he struggles against his fate.

Throughout his tour of duty, Vince teaches his squad members about the second coming of Christ, each example triggering a dream that hurls them from the battlefield to the first ministry of Christ.

A Dream Before Dying entertains while it instructs, combining the fantasy of The Wizard of Oz, the conflict of Platoon, and the emotion of The Passion of Christ.

This story answers many questions on the minds of bible students passionate about the Word of God, provoking them to think outside popular theories. It's a bible study and an amazing story.

Some of the topics include:
Where do we go when we die?
Is there a difference between saved and born again?
What lessons can we learn from the raising of Lazarus, and the 12 year old girl?
Why do loved ones betray each other in the end days?
The Rapture theory, how to understand the "anytime" doctrine.
What did Jesus mean when he said...? and much more.

It is not my intention to tell readers what to think. However it is certainly my intention to provoke readers to think about everything they have been taught about God's word and use A Dream Before Dying/The Initiation as a resource for wisdom and knowledge.
Nominated for Global Ebook Award.