Goddess Enchantment - Magic and Spells: Volume 1 Goddess of the Seasons

ABOUT Carrie Kirkpatrick

Carrie Kirkpatrick
Carrie Kirkpatrick is a television producer, photographer, presenter, TV psychic and author. She runs Divine Media, producing television programs about the esoteric world and historical mysteries and is a prolific photographer.
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Goddess Enchantment, Magic and Spells takes you on a journey into the realms of magic and legend, as we retrace the myths of the Goddesses of old with a fresh perspective that makes them accessible in the 21st Century. Carrie Kirkpatrick opens the doorway to the magical realms of the Goddesses, inviting you to partake in visualizations, spells and rituals designed to help you fulfill your potential. See the Goddesses come to life in vibrant and magical photographs, connect to them and gain from their inspirational blessings. Goddesses of the Seasons takes you through the Wheel Of The Year, incorporating both traditional and fresh new ways to celebrate the Fire Festivals, the Equinoxes and the Solstices.