ABOUT Selina Fenech

Selina Fenech
It’s an undeniable truth that Selina Fenech has been lost to the realms of fantasy since she first laid hands on books. Faced with overwhelming heartache that our own world wasn’t so full of magic and adventure, Selina did the only thing she could. She began creating her own worlds of More...



In a culture of cravats and corsets, a troubled sixteen-year-old stands out in her t-shirt and torn jeans. She takes the name “Memory” because hers are stolen, and she’ll do anything to get them back. Lost in a world not her own, where magic and monstrous fairies are real, Memory has enough to handle just trying to stay alive.

Chased by wizard hunters, hunted by a dragon, stalked by a strange, handsome savage, despised by the fae and wanted by the king himself – everyone is after Memory, and she suspects it’s not just for her eye-catching outfit. Her forgotten past holds dangerous secrets that will change everything.

Memory will fight to get back to a family and home she can’t remember but desperately desires, even at the cost of new friendships and romances. On the run with no name and no memories, she thinks she has nothing left to lose. She couldn’t be more mistaken.

"It’s so easy to fall in love with the characters, share their pain and hopes throughout the journey. They jump off the page and come to life before your eyes."
—Lydia Kurnia

"I feel you have created a milieu that works well for this story and does not come across as derivative." 
—Phillip Spencer

"It has a good strong plot with plenty of twists and turns that still play fair in retrospect and the characters are well-defined and engaging. Memory herself is a wonderful creation, damaged but shot through with dark humour."
—Sally Odgers