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By Claude Bouchard

Publisher : Claude Bouchard

ABOUT Claude Bouchard

Claude Bouchard
I was born in Montreal, Canada, where I still reside with my spouse, Joanne. I completed my studies in human resources, accounting and management at McGill University and worked in various management capacities in the fields of HR and finance for a handful of firms for what seemed like dec More...


As Managing Director of the Montreal Hospital for the Criminally Insane, Doctor Matthew Russell has always put his professional responsibilities ahead of all else. That is, until he one day realizes that he is losing his wife, Cassidy, and his two children, Stuart and Jennifer.

With only his family in mind, Russell takes an adventure-filled, impromptu vacation of indefinite duration, leaving all else behind and stopping at nothing to show how much he cares for his loved ones in an effort to win them back. But, will he succeed… Or, will it prove to be all too late in the end?
Stuart MacCallum, Author of "Beyond my Control"

Sheer Entertainment in the Palm of Your Hand,July 14, 2011

Already a fan of Claude Bouchard's earlier work, his latest novel was no exception. I essentially read `Asylum' in two sittings.

The novel focuses around the central character, Dr Mathew Russell, as he endeavours to repair his failing marriage. As work has occupied most of his time he decides to take an impromptu holiday from his position as Managing Director of the Montreal Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

His wife, Cassie, and children, nine-year-old Stuart and seven-year-old Jennifer are both surprised and thrilled with the prospect of some time together as a family. Dr Russell soon becomes, `family man' as they take an action-packed trip of a lifetime. There was no shortage of misadventures along the way. The author's skill in creating an atmosphere for the reader is superb.
The ending, filled with suspense, was totally unexpected and brilliantly done. To sum it up, from the front page to the back it is very worthy of five stars. I highly recommend, `Asylum' as sheer reading entertainment for all.