Blood Canal

ABOUT Shea Kinsella

Shea Kinsella
Shea Kinsella published bestselling thrillers while still in his twenties before pursuing a life of adventure on 4 continents.  He is the author of Blood Canal.



Blood Canal, or ‘Nahr Damm’ in Arabic… is an enigmatic phrase found in the treasure trove of data retrieved by Navy SEALs from Osama Bin Laden’s lair in Pakistan… a reference to an ancient battle where a Muslim warlord turned a nearby canal red with the blood of his victims.

It's a codename... but what’s the target?

The CIA’s supercomputer kicks out a long list of prospects including the world's biggest cruise ship now on her maiden voyage.  The Ocean Diamond is a ship as big as a city... and no doubt a trophy target for Al Qaeda.  But the evidence is slim... little more than a digital hunch... and the ship is fortress of high-tech security.

Leo de Sade, a former American hacker reborn with a new identity thanks to the French Foreign Legion, is the unlikely hero signed up to ride shotgun.  But what starts out as a simple security operation soon becomes a desperate fight for survival when the ship and the lives of her 9,000 passengers and crew are menaced by a smart weapon of devastating destructive power and Leo uncovers a conspiracy of players far more dangerous than Al Qaeda.

With breathless pace… intricate plotting, and authentic detail, Blood Canal is a feast for lovers of page-turning suspense. 

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