A Divided Heart Between Desire and Commitment - A Dramatic Romance

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Deborah Patrick
The literary works of author Deborah Patrick (formally Deborah Brodie) include her latest, “In His Love,” a dramatic romance novel.

Deborah is a public speaker and an author of two nationally published works. Her diverse writing styles are expressed through fiction writi More...



A Divided Heart Between Desire and Commitment is a  dramatic romance of college sweethearts torn apart, second chance relationships, the unfolding of destiny, and the emotional journey of five orphans finding their way from abandonment to rescue. A Divided Heart Between Desire and Commitment offers readers a story of love, a dose of hope, and how to gain faith in the midst of heartache. You will experience both laughter and tears in this story of romance, drama, and suspense.

"The struggle is real- Read this and feel for yourself the emotions of the characters. And the ending is... well all I'll say is wow! "

“Her story has drama, intrigue, romance, and humor, and Deborah Patrick hopes to share it with the world.”
Northwest Daily News

"Daryl, I've been a fool."  She paused, "I ran away from you because I thought our relationship would prevent me from pursuing my dream.  But now I know you are part of my dream.  She swallowed hard and continued in a soft weepy voice, "So I came here to pursue after you and ask, am I too late?" Daryl moved close to Sarah and her breath became short when she looked into his burning eyes and at his sweet lips that tantalized her.  His lips were held so close to hers his breath became hers.  Certain he was going to kiss her, hoping he would, Sarah's heart palpitated impatiently. • Follow the romantic struggle.  While it may be true that you cannot go back to how things were this story will illustrate how destiny finds us and teaches us how to turn our past actions into a better future. • Deborah Patrick reveals to her readers that temptation is not to be feared but controlled, in this dramatic romance of best friends, second chance relationships, and the journey of five orphans from abandonment to rescue. • Along the way, you will learn how Sarah must contend with her fear of desire before she can surrender her heart to the one she loves. • Find out if Sarah's relationship with Daryl survives as she wrestles with her faith? • Which will win?

Her story has drama, intrigue, romance, and humor, and Deborah Brodie hopes to share it with the world.”
Northwest Florida Daily News

“Local author brings emotions to new book.”
The Walton Sun

“Deborah Brodie writes with a passion that is drawn from the deep wells of experience, and brings it forth like living water to nourish and refresh the soul.”
- Jan Dickerman
- SOGOA ministry