Random Glory A Frankensteinian Love Story

ABOUT Gerard Labrecque

Gerard Labrecque
Anybody who tells you life is easy is selling something. I never thought I would be a writer. My life changed in 2003 with a minor stroke.Till then I was invinsible. Father of four, working 1 1/2 to two jobs. since then I have slowed down some. I found a very creative nature lies inside of More...



Richard Random, is unaware that he's the last living descendant of Frankenstein’s Monster and heir to all of Doctor Frankenstein’s land. While he builds his version of the American dream, he falls in love with the lovely Doctor Mary Jane Lupin.(MJ) Together with their friends: Fred, Jane, Suzie and Bettie, they try to find love. Assassins, sent by the evil Duke Cornelius Magnus. Magnus, “want to be,” leader of the Werewolves and current owner of the Frankenstein estate. Magnus will stop at nothing to kill Dick Random before he procreates.
A comedy of innocents, love, murder, and a desire to procreate, set the stage for this hilarious fantasy of erotic