State of Panic

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Lori Gordon

Publisher : Pill Hill Press

ABOUT Lori Gordon

Lori Gordon
Lori Gordon has created stories since childhood. In recent years she has displayed notable diversity as an author, penning fantasy, science fiction, family novels, and thrillers. She had had short stories published in a variety of anthologies, and is currently working on her second thrille More...


When the killing ends, the nightmare begins.

Run or die... An insidious plot. A chilling charade. A brutal murder is only the beginning. When her fiance is burned alive and the murderer realizes there is a witness to his fiery crime, Sierra finds herself running for her life as she tries to unravel the mysteries surrounding the death of the man she'd planned to marry...

Armed with a single clue - a dog-eared photograph with the word Foxtrot scribbled on the back -  Sierra's life quickly spirals out of control. While on the run she uncovers her lover's cruel charade, and a secret explosive enough to get her killed.

Faced with a puzzle where none of the pieces fit, she enlists the aid of a cyber genius known as The Shark. Together they are drawn into a maze of smoke and mirrors where no one and nothing is as it seems.

As they race to discover the killer's identity Sierra fights a growing attraction to Skinbone Harris, a mysterious stranger with dark secrets of his own. The sparks between them result in a terrifying game of cat and mouse. Sierra and Shark discover they can trust no one. Determined to expose the truth before it's too late, they embark on a dangerous journey where not everyone survives.
 "Lori Gordon grabs you right away and doesn't let go. A mesmerizing story of wit and betrayal. Gordon's ability to weave character and plot serve as a masterclass for other authors. An alarming, believable and utterly consuming tale. Will transfix the reader until the last page."
Jonas Saul, Author of Dark Visions

I couldn't put the book down! I couldn't wait to see what would happen next!
I had never read anything by this author before but you can bet I will be looking for her other books.
Thank you for a Thrilling Story.State of Panic 5.0 out of 5 stars Great twists and turns
Brenda Sedore (Italy)
Really enjoyed this story by new author, Lori Gordon and I'm looking forward to more from her. State of Panic grabbed me from the first page and I had a hard time putting it down. I really enjoyed the characters and all the twists and turns. It starts with a great premise and has a satisfying finish. Highly recommended.

Thrilling End to End, August 3, 2011
Mark Souza
This review is from: State of Panic (Kindle Edition)
When you're running from an assassin named Skinbone Harris, and your only confidant, a geeky computer genius you just met in a coffee shop, is named "The Shark" - you know you're having a bad day. That's where Sierra Montgomery finds herself after witnessing the fiery murder of her fiance. She does the only thing she can. She runs for her life. And when her closest friend is murdered in similar fashion, she realizes it's not coincidence, it's a conspiracy. As she flees, she tries to piece together a mystery that grows more insidious and explosive with every new detail.

This story starts at a sprint and doesn't let up. It's a sizzling summer read, fall read, blood pumping winter read, or afresh spring read. The one thing I can guarantee is once you start, you won't stop.

5.0 out of 5 stars Engaging Heroine, August 8, 2011
William E. Stroupe
This review is from: State of Panic (Kindle Edition)
Lori Gordon has added a new heroine to the pantheon of memorable characters in thriller/suspense literature--Sierra Montgomery, trapped in the deadly war between madmen aspiring to rule the world and the good guys trying to stop them. Problem is, she can't always tell who's who. Sierra didn't choose this battle, but she doesn't back down from it, either. Miss Gordon keeps the pressure on Sierra--and on the reader--until the very end of this fast-paced book. Highly recommended! 

Incredible Book!, August 3, 2011
Daryl Sedore
This review is from: State of Panic (Kindle Edition)
This is seriously an incredible book. I definitely recommend this title. I was hooked on page one and even now that I have finished the book I'm still held in its grasp. What an achievement!

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome, August 7, 2011
E. Kerley
This review is from: State of Panic (Kindle Edition)
It didn't take long for this book to grab me. The action starts almost immediately and picks up steam but never turns into "The Perils of Pauline" type action. The relationships between the characters rings true even when those relationships do a complete reversal. Or are they real reversals or just an act? Even though I found myself humming the theme from Twilight Zone it suddenly started to make sense. but the journey into the weird was fun. As the book was winding down I wanted more, not more danger but more of 'but what happens now?' The Epilogue was satisfying but I would have loved more of the story, a more detailed explanation. To say more would turn this into a spoiler and the book needs to be enjoyed and savored.

It's hard to believe that this is the author's first book and I hope she write many more. I'll read anything she writes.