ABOUT Rhondi Vilott

Rhondi Vilott
Being born in Phoenix seemed to link me to mythology and imagination almost immediately.  My father was the seventh son of a seventh son, and he always told me he’d willed that “magic” to me.  I wrote almost before I could read.  I can remember my first writing pad and pencil an More...



You are Jasmine, a young acrobat and street entertainer--and sometimes a thief, as hard times has fallen on you, your father and the city of Najpoor. The name Karnak is spoken in whispers. Dark magic is rumored. Then you are caught stealing and your very life depends on your ability to find the magical Aphrodite's Mirror. Many want it, none have been able to find it! Will it cost you your life and soul? Dare to take the dragon roads for treasure, adventure, magic and possibly even first love.

Similar to the wildly popular Choose Your Own Adventure series from the 1980s, the Dragon Roads series began as a more in-depth exploration of fantasy realms when they were first published as the Dragon Tales series. The Dragon Roads have been tweaked, modified, and updated for today's young adult readers but remains faithful to its roots: the heart and imagination of young adult readers.

"This book is completely delightful. I couldn't help but lose myself in this magical fantasy. This is my first interactive book and I can honestly say I am HOOKED. "Aphrodite's Mirror" shows how information becomes experience. The book examines how surprising personal experiences are created where virtual realms meet the real world and where dataflow confronts the human senses. I was transformed into Aphrodite herself as I read and played my way through this extraordinary adventure!"