Bloodline; Book One of Hunters of Men

Bloodline; Book One of Hunters of Men

ABOUT Summer Foovay

Summer Foovay
Writing dark erotica and serial killer thrillers - among other things.  Reading mysteries, thrillers, non-fiction, and everything else I get my hands on.  Loving my Kindle.  



Most families are upset by a serial killer among their children.  The Hunters are proud of it. 
Lily McCallum believes she has found peace, despite her private torments.  She has a home in the remote desert, and funding for her own private lab where she can study her own obsessions - DNA - are serial killers born or made?  She even has a friend - Betty Harris, a genealogist who also works - as does Lily - for the Hunter family.  Then Martin Hunter Two, the family patriarch, dies and the extended family gathers on the ranch.  Together Betty and Lily discover a horrifying family secret. But can they get anyone to listen to them before the Hunters stop them - for good.