Bestiary: Traditional Fables for Modern Times

General Fiction

By Leni-Kristina Hoffman

Publisher : Green 13 Media

ABOUT Leni-Kristina Hoffman

Leni-Kristina Hoffman
(1921 - 2008) Hoffman, like most people, was a bundle of contradictions. A liberal humanist in love with the natural world and appalled by the military, industrial, corporate, and bureaucratic destruction of it, she was a supreme cultural snob. A rationalist to the core who charged religio More...



What Leni-Kristina Hoffman offers in this little book of fables is a glimpse into the animal world, where beasts, like humans, struggle to understand one another and the world they live in. Traditional in style but modern in tone, these stories feature a cast that includes the sour and the hopeful, the apathetic and the thoughtful, the charitable and the self-obsessed, all tied together by an often dark irony. Wry, witty, simple but wise, the stories in Bestiary offer a challenge: they invite us to ask, along with the higher-up opossum, "Why do I feel somehow dissatisfied?"

Stark, sad, and darkly luminous, Bestiary is a previously undiscovered work of American literature whose path to publication offers a mystery, and a moral, as intriguing as the tales that lie within.

Bestiary: Traditional Fables for Modern Times, by Leni-Kristina Hoffman, was published during the summer of 2011 by Green 13 Media, a project of the Book Publishing Workshop of Boston University’s Certificate Program in Book Publishing and Digital Media. The original manuscript was provided by Phyllis Deutsch, Ph.D., the literary executor of Hoffman’s estate, and was subsequently arranged, edited, designed, typeset, proofed, printed, and launched in print and as an e-book as a practical exercise in book publishing