Yesterday's Lies

General Fiction

By Terri D

Publisher : TDUB Publishing


Terri D
I am from Harrisburg, PA.  I am a single mother of three and I have been writing mostly journals, poetry and short stories since my early teens.  Yesterday's Lies is my debut novel.



Yesterday’s Lies is a poignant tale of a circle of close friends who lives are more intertwined than they realize; that is until the blurred lines of love, lust and friendship begins to reveal the half-truths and lies that exist.  Will the secrets they all hold from the past ruin their friendships and lives forever?


 Toni and Jada have been friends since High School.  They dated best friends David and Benjamin and the foursome even decided to attend the same college together.  A tragic event in the final semester of senior year starts the web of lies and deceit that will follow them into their adult lives.  The story begins seven years after graduation from college.  The secrets and lies from their past start to unravel when an old friend returns from a seven year hiatus.  Where has he been?  Does he hold the key to unlock the secrets and lies from their past?  Others in this small group of friends have their own secrets they have been keeping.  When the truth is revealed will, the life changing decisions that were made based on what everyone thought they knew be enough to rip friendships apart.


Things are seldom, as they seem.  High school sweethearts Jada and David, Jr have built a wonderful life together post college.  Two beautiful children and both have successful careers.  When an old friend returns to the scene the half-truths are in danger of being revealed and the consequences could be devastating for everyone involved.


Yesterday’s Lies will leave you asking yourself the questions.  What secrets do you keep from the one you share everything with?  How far would you go to protect your friends?  Could your friendship survive this type of deception?  Can a true love survive the deception and lies? 

The poem in the prologue titled A love of my own was an actual poem I wrote four years ago and it expressed what I was truly feeling in my heart at the time. My character Toni shared some of these same emotions so I decided to allow her to use my poem in the book

This review is from: Yesterday's Lies (Paperback)
Jada and Toni are best friends, but do they have hidden secrets between them? Jada lives a happy, beautiful life with her family, is Toni jealous? Why did Toni date Darien, and was she ever attracted to Benjamin? How did the lives of the characters interwine in unexpected ways? Friends share joy, tears and are there for each other, but do they lead the same lifestyle? When secrets from the past are revealed, will the friendship ever be the same? What did Toni do when she found out she was pregnant? How did Toni react when Benjamin was back in her life? Who became upset about Gina's pregnancy? Who is Toni's true love, and what was their favorite song? Why did Benjamin go to jail, and who was Vince in love with? I highly recommend this novel to all contemporary fiction lovers, who enjoy compelling stories, with a blend of romance and drama. Terri D. creates an intriguing story, packed with twists-and-turns, based on the trials-and-tribulations of friendship and relationships that can indeed return to haunt us. The author introduces a plot that becomes thought-provoking page-after-page as the reader craves for more. Terri D. makes one think about insecurity, self-doubt, and traumatic issues that women deal with throughout their lives. Touching, enjoyable moments exist as well as betrayal and redemption. Do the female characters that come to life within the pages of this emotional story exist inside all women? Will Jada and Toni be friends forever? Will Toni lead the life she longs for? Does a fine line exist between love and hate? "YESTERDAY'S LIES" is as compelling as THE COLOR PURPLE and as entertaining as WAITING TO EXHALE, with Whitney Houston, and Angela Bassett.

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