Passing Through: An Ex-Fundamentalist’s Pursuit of Personal Spirituality

Religion & Spirituality

By Craig Hart

Publisher : Sweatshoppe Publications

ABOUT Craig Hart

Craig Hart
As an author, philosopher, public speaker, cigar enthusiast, former pianist and book reviewer, history nut, and all-around good guy, I consider myself something of a renaissance man. My first love is writing and it is in my blood. It started early and has kept going ever since. At sixt More...



Part memoir, part religious critique, and part philosophical treatise, Passing Through traces Craig’s path from the controlling environment of fundamentalism to the formation of the theory of Energetic Universalism. It examines various facets of the fundamentalist Christian faith, including the inerrancy of the Bible and the divinity of Jesus Christ. Passing Through takes an honest look at the existence of God and the danger of religion.