Wheezer And the Painted Frog

History, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Kitty Sutton

Publisher : Inknbeans Press

ABOUT Kitty Sutton

Kitty Sutton
Kitty Sutton is true hyphenate: singer-artisan-artist-author, and all of her work reflects pride in her Native American heritage.  A headliner in Branson, Missouri for several years, she and her husband create and sell leather and beadcraft items according to traditional methods.  Her de More...



Who killed Usti Yansa? Healthy little boys shouldn't grow weak and die when they have shelter, food and the care of their families, yet Sasa's little brother, the last of her family, sickens, mumbling the mysterious 'I didn't do it right, I didn't do enough. Why didn't it work?' Left alone, mourning and trying to survive in a new place with new ways, Sasa seeks answers with the help of her new friend, Wheezer. The Jack Russell Terrier seems too wise, too fierce and too loyal to be just a dog. Did the Creator send Wheezer to Sasa and if so, how can a dog, albeit a smart one, help to solve a murder?

From the time Europeans landed in North America, the People were forced out of the land they had known for generations. By the nineteenth century, the United States had pushed them into the remote and undeveloped area known as Indian Territory and promised them food and protection that never came. Plagued by the loss of their ability to farm and hunt, the lack of food and shelter, the disease brought by the White Man, every tribe suffered losses so great only the memories of the survivors could document the dead. This story, taking place among the Cherokee after the Trail of Tears, is a story for all the People.