Raw: An Erotic Street Tale

General Fiction

By Karen E. Quinones Miller

Publisher : Oshun Publishing Company, Inc.

ABOUT Karen E. Quinones Miller

Karen E. Quinones Miller
My name is Karen E. Quinones Miller, and I'm the author of seven nationally best-selling book, including Satin Doll, I'm Telling, Using What You Got, Ida B., Uptown Dreams, Passin', Satin Nights, and Harlem Godfather: The Rap on My Husband, Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson



Chastity Jones is the real thing. She's beautiful, she's classy, and she's got money to spend. Other people's money. As long as there are men around, 19-year-old Chastity will be rolling in their dough. It wasn't always like that her father was sent to prison when she was 16, and after being placed in a foster home, she was brutally raped. She runs away, and starts stripping at a men s club, and there she catches the eye of Legend, a mysterious and handsome 6-4 hunk with straight black hair that hangs over his shoulders. His brownstone parties are famous . . .  attended by celebrities, ballers, and hustlers alike. But the real parties are in his basement; sex parties that include girl-on-girl action, and even kinkier fare. His parties are so successful he easily clears $25,000 to $40,000 a weekend. For Chastity it's love at first sight, but try as she might Legend only treats her like a little sister and under his tutelage Chastity is soon hanging with the big dawgs. They buy her cars, pay the rent on her condo, buy her expensive jewelry and take her on shopping sprees. But the man she wants most shows her no romantic interest; and that's Legend. And then she meets Hunter - he's a drug kingpin with millions of dollars, and also Legend's cousin and he falls for Chastity in a big way. Suddenly Chastity is caught up in a whirlwind of money, sex, drugs and danger  . . . and the only way out lies in death.

Hi! My name is Shay, and I'm the author of Raw: An Erotic Street Tale. I'm 21, from Harlem (Holla!), and a student at an HBCU. Actually, Shay is a psuedonym. Both my parents, my aunt, and a grandfather are published authors; and if they found out I wrote a street/erotica book they would not only be horrified, they would have me institutionalized, kept in a strait jacket, and drugged 24 hours a day. While the drug part doesn't bother me (grin!), I'd really rather keep my physical and professional freedom. Hence, they psuedoynm! Hope you enjoy Raw: An Erotic Street Tale, and look for the sequel, Too Raw which will be out soon!

"Raw as in uncut, and uncensored. Raw as in cold-ass, bad shit!"
                          Rob Ruiz, author of Urban Caesar

"Raw is what happens when a young girl's life spirals out of control."
                        Zane, New York Times bestselling author of Addicted

"Shay if the fresh new voice of Urban Erotica."
                        Miasha, author of Secret Society, and Diary of a Mistress