2012 - The Awakening of Humanity

Religion & Spirituality

By Luis Oscoy

Publisher : InnerCircle Publishing

ABOUT Luis Oscoy

Luis Oscoy
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People frequently mark their lives with some occurrences or experiences that stay in their memories forever. Sometimes it is the experience of a child being born or the visit to wonderful places.

For some of us the experiences that we have lived through, have transformed our senses to a spiritual meaning as if for the first time we become aware that God is greater than what we were made to believe, or of the concept that others have of God, the visit of an Angel, or a vision that is so real as if we are totally aware and awake.

Dr Luis, as I call him, is a very successful doctor in Mexico. In reality he does not have any need to write this esoteric book that may be exposed to his colleagues who may lack understanding of what Dr. Luis has experienced, but here he is doing just that in the next pages that you are about to read.

As you will discover he has been contacted in a spectacular way by sacred energies….events that cannot be easily explained and living experiences that have changed his life forever. This book is based on that and on all of his experiences.

The information that he is sharing in his book, is not only about his personal experiences, but also about the information that other beings from other dimensions have revealed to him about humanity. What do you think they have said about us? What could be so fascinating that he had the tremendous need to write about it?
The answer is in these pages, but I will give you a clue; we are about to experience a change of consciousness that has never ever happened before on planet Earth.

The power of what we can do is astonishingly marvelous, including accessing alternating dimensions. It is all about health and our DNA. It is about a quantum jump that is in front of us.

Walk through these pages with Dr. Luis while he describes his life experiences and what was communicated to him by means of infinite love coming from beings who revealed the potential future for humanity.

- Lee Carroll
Author of the book series; Kryon and The Indigo Children