Storm Surge, A Jonie Waters Mystery

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By Tamara Ward

Publisher : Peak City Publishing

ABOUT Tamara Ward

Tamara Ward
Tamara always has enjoyed writing. In high school, she often cut class to deliver columns to local newspapers and was called into the principal’s office for interviewing teachers about how sports programs received more funding than academics, which resulted in an article that mysteriousl More...


Defeating odds and ignoring well-meant advice is her specialty, so when reporter Jonie Waters follows a news tip and discovers her girlhood friend’s body, nothing can dissuade her from setting out to find the murderer.

Though Jonie attracts the suspicions of local police as she finds herself in the middle of other related crimes, she continues her investigation, risking her job, tentative family ties, and the chance of romance with the alluring lead investigator. Storm Surge follows Jonie through cat fights, vandalized laboratories, and klutzy mishaps in Wilmington, North Carolina.

This book was a great surprise. Jonie Waters is a great character, believable, likeable, and her personality is well developed by the author. It is one of the best mytery stories that I have read recently, and I could not put it down until I had finished. An added plus, was familiarity with the location, Wilmington, NC.