The Kingmaking

General Fiction

By Helen Hollick

Publisher : SilverWood Books

ABOUT Helen Hollick

Helen Hollick
Helen Hollick lives in northeast London on the edge of Epping Forest with her husband, adult daughter, and a variety of pets, which include several horses, a cat and a dog. She has two major interests: Roman/Saxon Britain and the Golden Age of Piracy – the early eighteenth century. Her p More...



Book One of the Pendragon's Banner Trilogy

450 AD. Britain is in chaos.

Morgause wants power for herself, and resents the indifference of her lover, Uthr.

Uthr lost his kingdom to his enemy but now he is back with a boy, Arthur, at his side. His intention? To defeat the usurper, Vortigern.

Vortigern rules with tyranny and oppression, bending those he defeats to his own will – among them, the Lion Lord of Gwynedd, Cunedda.

Cunedda, oldest friend and ally to Uthr, must face tragedy and despair for his sons and his only daughter – Gwenhwyfar.

Gwenhwyfar, spirited and independent, a pawn in the political struggle for power, loves only one man – Arthur.

Arthur, the next Pendragon, is to serve a hard apprenticeship before he can achieve his ambitions – to take his rightful place as King, and make Gwenhwyfar his wife.

But the struggle for love and leadership runs a difficult path, one that is strewn with setbacks and obstacles that must be overcome – one way or another.

I am so completely and thoroughly obsessed with this author right now. This trilogy is just beautiful. I love how the author turns King Arthur into a man and then the King of legend. The amount of research Ms. Hollick must have done is astounding because the detail in this book is wonderful.

Hollick’s writing is one of the best I’ve come across – her descriptions are so vivid it seems as if there’s a movie screen in front of you, playing out the scenes.

Helen Hollick is an author who is conquering the world one country at a time with her intricate way of bringing the past to life.
-Suite 101 Romance

Helen Hollick brings history to life... she weaves fact with fiction in such a way that keeps you spellbound and turning the pages as quickly as you can to find out what will happen. From love and loyalty to fighting raging battles there is never a boring moment.