Strawberry Mansion: A Philadelphia Story

Strawberry Mansion: A Philadelphia Story

ABOUT Julia Press Simmons

Julia Press Simmons
Julia Press Simmons is the CEO of QMB Publishing and the author of three novels; Strawberry Mansion, Begonia Brown and Violet. She is an award winning Spoken Word Artist, and Playwright. Although, Strawberry Mansion: A Philadelphia Story is her first novel, my play “Down There” was se More...



Tabitha Williams doubles as a punching bag every time her boyfriend drinks one too many. When she stabs him and flees to her mother’s house with her three-year-old daughter, she thinks it’s finally over. Unfortunately, the drama has just begun! “Will she find the courage to leave him for good? And will he let her?” Lisa Perkins is the “strong one,” or at least that’s what Tabitha and Shanice think. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. When she leaves her home after her mother refuses to believe that her stepfather has raped and impregnated her, she thinks that distance will solve everything. She finds that she couldn’t be more wrong. Shanice Thomas is giving teenage rebellion a whole new meaning. Her mother recently found Christ, and the party that was Shanice’s life is apparently over. Thrust into situations she isn’t equipped to handle, Shanice suddenly finds herself learning painful new lessons about the consequences of sleeping around.
Raw, authentic story telling featuring characters who are all too familiar to many of us. I will be looking forward to more from Julia in the future. ~ George Lopez ~ Author of "A Distant Battlefield"

This was a really good book. A group of friends that I can relate to. I couldn't wait to see what happened next and looking forward to part 2. Great job Julia. ~Constance~ Avid Reader

This is the first book I've read by Julia Press-Simmons. I loved it. It didn't drag or get off point. The author did a great job with characterization. I recommend this to all readers who love a face-paced, drama-filled novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat. ~Teresa  D. Patterson ~ Avid Reader

The story is very well written. I was engrossed and I almost didn't want to finish the book. The characters stuck in my mind long after the last page was read. Julia Press Simmons did an amazing job with this story. I would recommend it to women every where. If you have ever been through anything...this is a story for you. I look forward to the next book by Julia.  ~Angel Mechelle~ Author of Another Woman's Husband