The Seven Victories of the Divine Child

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Michael Jones
"Creating Inner Peace and Spiritual Breakthroughs" Have you ever felt stuck or confused on your spiritual journey? Well, you're not alone. The good news is, it doesn't have to be that way. Michael's step-by-step methods serve as a refreshing guide as you walk your spiritual path More...


The Seven Victories of the Divine Child – A Practical Guide to Eliminate Fear, Anxiety and Worry, while Gaining a Sense of Lasting Inner Peace.


Are you ready to take meaningful significant steps on your path of spiritual growth and discovery? If so, be ready to be inspired and motivated...


The Seven Victories of the Divine Child is a thought-provoking spiritual guide which introduces real-life, practical and proven universal wisdom tools which can be used to overcome the seven battles we all come face-to-face with throughout our lives. By shining light on common myths and misconceptions that many people have accepted for centuries, this step-by-step guide provides answers we've been searching for regarding our soul's purpose, forgiveness, and finding inner peace to name a few.


The Seven Victories of the Divine Child is written for the beginner or a seasoned individual. It makes deep topics easy to comprehend, such as living in the present moment, dealing with fear and guilt, and the power of positive thought. Learn to be in control of how you react to any situation in life through self-mastery, meditation, special prayers and by learning our higher attributes, in short, how to connect with our spiritual selves.


You'll also learn how to experience God’s bliss here and now. Learn to listen to the voice within to help positively influence your life. Gain insights into cause and effect, abundance, health and happiness. This well-written, easy to apply guide teaches you how to extinguish feelings of fear, anxiety and negativity, while finding purpose and fulfillment in your personal relationships as well as your career. Discover how eliminating internal conflicts results in inner peace.


Who is the Divine Child? In this book, you'll learn that it means YOU!

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