Urki, beyond the forest

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Monica Coca
Mónica Coca was born in Santander (Spain) in 1975 and she lives in Madrid since 1993. She has worked on radio (as journalist and broadcaster), digital media and television (as scriptwriter). 
Her life has always been linked to the world of communication and storytelling. Mónica has More...



“Urki, Beyond the Forest” tells the story of an abandoned trol, Urki. He knows nothing about his family or how he came to the Crystal Forest, the place where he’s been raised. But suddenly, he feels alone. The only thing he knows for sure is that the answer lies beyond the forest. Through 90 pages he’ll find talking animals, fearsome beasts from another time, unique creatures, ruthless armies, winged princes. Urki will deal with all these creatures with two weapons: intelligence and kindness. Along his way, Urki will learn another values as courage or friendship: he’ll meet friends that will lend him a helping hand when it is needed, companionship, advice…and of course some laughters, because ‘Urki, Beyond the Forest’ is fulled with funny and exciting moments.

This book has been published in the App Store with very positive reviews. These are a few quotes from reviewers that have read "Urki, beyond the forest": "A unique and interactive story that will entertain children for hours". ahgooreview.com "Illustrations, graphics, animations, sounds, are quite good and will really give you a feeling of entering a different world."iheartthisapp.com A great children´s book. iphoneappreview.com These words have given me the strength to continue writing and publishing in other formats like e-book. That's why you have a new version of Urki in your hands :) This story is full of magic and sense of humour, hope you like it!

"Urki, beyond the forest is a unique and original story from Pixelmoon which is appropriate for kids aged 7 and older". (iHeartThisApp.com) 
"For me, reading is an experience like no other. However, some people don’t share the same enthusiasm for reading as I do because they don’t experience it in the same way. I was blessed with an overactive imagination and the ability to make the words on the page drop away revealing a world hidden behind them. This book does that for me. It helps to enhance the overall experience of the story" (Leanne McGinty)