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ThreeLLL’s Success Three active and successful Perth Women have combined forces to write a book that holds the secret to change and a life more meaningful.

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This book has everything a trekker needs to know to trek the Kokoda track in Papua New Guinea.

Thirteen women share their personal experiences of trekking Kokoda. They tell the reader why they did it, what fears they encounter and how they dealt with them. Most importantly they express how they committed to reaching the finish line together for a life-changing journey and bond.

  • Insight into their training regime.
  • How they mentally, physically and emotionally completed their journey.
  • Self-discovery, fatigue and exhaustion all in the aim to achieve life long dreams.
  • Practical and useful tips and hints.
Each one of these women also undertook a commitment to raise funds for charity to add to their personal experience.

Trekking the Kokoda Track is a unique tribute to the Australian army who fought through atrocious conditions in a heroic battle against the Japanese invaders. In 1942, the Japanese were preparing to attack Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, which was the last stopping point before an advance on Australia. One of the Japanese attacks on Port Moresby was to head over the Owen Stanley Range along the Kokoda Track. A series of battles took place from July 1942 to November 1942 as the Australian Army fought to defend Port Moresby from the enemy. By January 1943, Japanese troops were pushed off the island, making it perhaps one of the most significant battles fought by the Australians in WWII. Ranked as one of the world’s most arduous, challenging acts of human endurance, it is a plethora of energy-sapping continuous climbing, up and down, nine days non-stop. It is rigorous, it is brutal, and it is torturous! We can only really begin to comprehend what took place on that remote jungle pathway during WWII by physically trekking the track with its razorback ridges, deep gullies, rough terrain and slippery mud. There is an increasing number of Aussies who have Kokoda on their list of things to do. It takes courage, determination, passion and most of all excellent preparation to walk in the footsteps of the fallen soldiers and pay tribute to them. Whatever Kokoda means to you, if you are planning to trek it, make sure that you do some serious training for it as the still primitive and unforgiving terrain challenges the most experienced trekker to understand what the troops endured. The track still claims lives, and it may not be appropriate for everyone to take on the challenge. For this reason, trekkers should travel with qualified companies that provide support and proficient training to endure the unforgiving conditions. With days ranging from six to nine hours which included walking, climbing, clambering, slipping, sliding, skidding, with every inch over treacherous terrain, it’s like spending that time in a sauna wearing a back-pack while on a crosstrainer, periodically being shot at by a fireman’s hose … so I’m told. Janette who prepares, guides, protects and assists the trekkers, describes the climbing as relentless with steep ascents bringing searing pain to leg muscles, but the even steeper descents are far worse specially on the knees. Hiking over rocks, tree roots and mud for hours, constantly jars on the feet, knees and ankles, which really highlights the need for leg muscle and core muscle development in a dedicated Kokoda training program. “Crossing the track is hard; however, completely achievable – you just have to train well for it,” says Janette. LiveLoveLaugh Adventures embrace women who seek adventure, who want to inspire and make a difference to other women’s lives – trekking the Kokoda Track is an excellent opportunity to provide this!