The Legend of Willow Springs Farm

Young Adult, Mystery & Thrillers, Children's Books

By Jan Culbertson

Publisher : Sakura Publishing

The Legend of Willow Springs Farm

ABOUT Jan Culbertson

Jan Culbertson
Jan has lived more lives than most of us. His stories range from historical semi-fictitious biographies of Mexican Revolutionaries to tales about the nostalgia of farm life.



The Legend of Willow Springs Farm is a children and teen novel by Jan Culbertson that really, is a story for anyone who loves mystery and adventure. Similar to Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer tales of old, the story takes place on an ancient farm that dates back to the Civil War era and houses a very inviting secret: buried treasure. The farm happens to be owned by the grandmother of two very curious sisters that on a surprise visit to their eldery relative, decide to go hunting for untold riches. What they get is a week of exciting fan and unexpected lessons in living your dreams. Author Jan Culbertson, who has become known for his wide range of storytelling (he has written everything from WW II stories to characters studies during the Mexican Revolution to field manuals on Chinese daggers and swords!), has outdone himself with his amazing ability to spin this great yarn about being a kid and believing in legends passed down from generations to generations. This story is great for the fourth grade level, but even teens and adults can enjoy The Legend of Willow Springs Farm, as it contains the spirit of youth that we all at one time experienced in life. 102 pages, rated for children and teens, class Juvenile Fiction.

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