History, Biographies & Memoirs

By Jan Culbertson

Publisher : Sakura Publishing


ABOUT Jan Culbertson

Jan Culbertson
Jan has lived more lives than most of us. His stories range from historical semi-fictitious biographies of Mexican Revolutionaries to tales about the nostalgia of farm life.



Fortino, by Jan Culbertson, is an amazing work of fiction based on fact. Or rather, it's more like a loose biography. See, during the Mexican Revolution, many people in Mexico had their lives completely turned upside down, mostly from the fact that so many battles and conflicts had occurred which tore families apart. One such person was young Fortino, who after seeing members of his own family killed unjustly, sought revenge and subsequently ended up right in the middle of a power struggle with revolutionaries and the Mexican government. Fortino is in many ways, a coming of age story in the historical backdrop of chaos. For research, Jan didn't have to look very far for inspiration: His wife's grandfather was Fortino himself. An intelligent story written in a simplistic Hemingway style, Fortino is as personal a story as it is engaging. But this is really nothing new for Jan Culbertson. He is an author with alot of life experiences and knowledge on topics that deal with everything from Chinese daggers to the last Mayan warrior and even human cloning! Jan is always on the lookout for great tales, and after having the chance to speak to Fortino about his adventures, he just couldn't resist telling this amazing tale. 160 pages, rated for Teens, class historical narrative/fiction/Mexican literature.