ABOUT Chris Mason

Chris Mason
Chris Mason is a college graduate who has an A.A. degree in Liberal Studies and has attended both Cal Poly and San Francisco State University. He also has Tourette Syndrome. Over the course of his life, Chris has experienced everything from discrimination to misunderstanding to his family  More...



Author Chris Mason has Tourette Syndrome. He decided to inform the world about what it's really like living day to day with Tourettes. After sitting down and writing his story out, he then had another thought, one that would lead him to the world of publishing: What if I can have other people that have Tourettes share their stories with me? From this simple dream came a collection of over twenty heartfelt and inspiring tales about normal everyday people who have Tourettes and what it's like to walk in their shoes. Touretties, which takes its name from an expression used to describe people with Tourettes, is powerful, moving, and informative. Chris Mason has struggled long and hard to come into a place where he could even write what he knows to be his life, and with every word written, you can tell his sincerity rings true on every level. In fact, every single story represented in these pages is rich with a genuine voice waiting to be heard. If you think you know what Tourettes is, you don't. Not unless you live with it or with somebody who has it. Now, thanks to Chris and his bold vision, you can have a firsthand account of understanding in a deeply personal way how it feels. 192 pages, rated for teens to adults, class biographical, anthology, research document for Tourette Syndrome