It's All About Me: A Soul Surfer's Guide To Happiness Through The Mastery Of Self

ABOUT Tim McAuley

Tim McAuley
Have you ever seen Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? That's really how I saw myself; a monster, deformed and ugly on every level.I couldn't stand the sight of my own face for longer than 20 seconds. The combination of looking into the mirror and a razor next to my throat didn't seem like a good ide More...



Tim McAuley is a spiritual seeker who has been working as a bartender and writing about his observations of the world around him for many years.
In his debut book, It’s All About Me, Tim takes us on his journey of coming to terms with difficult life circumstances, a life-or-death decision to get sober, and learning to ride the waves - not only the ocean surf, but the moment to moment exhilaration found in living life to the fullest.  By sharing the tools and techniques he discovered to find his way, Tim vividly illustrates that we each have the power within to become free of the perceptions that hold us back from living a keenly present and aligned life, one in harmony with the happiness and love we are meant to know.
Drawing from his study of the human psyche and spiritual teachings, Tim delivers an entertaining way of looking at his experiences and the world around him as a mirror to his soul.  Tim believes that he is responsible for his own happiness in this life, and that in order to improve anything in the outside world, he must first better himself.
These writings are a testament to the power of self-reflection and acceptance, as well as an example of how you, too, can improve your own happiness by looking within and realizing that, It’s All About Me.

The book you have in front of you is more than you could ever glean from a simple title. It will be something different for each who reads it; but if you read it with an open heart and peaceful mind, it will bring you to some personal truths, and guide you to become a seeker of a higher purpose and a better you. It will also show you that you are not alone in your quest–others are out there are just like you. "It's All About Me" focuses on going past the idea of "self" by using the day to day happenings of your current reality as a mirror to the inner workings of your “soul”. Tim uses his life to teach how he creates his own suffering, how he decided to take control of his life, and how he made the choice to cultivate a sense of well-being and happiness. The intent of the book is to inspire YOU to connect with a deeper sense of self. This book is for beginners and experienced alike. You may be inspired to write your own book, or you may find a new concept that ties together a better understanding of how the world around you works. You may find how to make your life, business, and/or relationship better. In the end, you may not have all your questions answered, but this book will lead you to the answers that lie within. You can do what Tim has done for himself, if you take responsibility and recognize… “It’s all about YOU.” This book is both simple and profound; the spiritual wisdom coming through was delivered in the true fashion of a bartender–straight, no chaser. Tim’s story telling ability and his no nonsense approach, make his entire life into one never-ending parable. He truly is a master of self and a gift to those he connects with. “It’s All About Me” can be an opportunity for anyone to connect with Tim and his teachings in a deep and meaningful way. Whether you follow the modern day spiritual seekers, religious leaders or ancient philosophers, you will find this book to not only be a magnifying glass that will bring these ideas into clearer focus, but possibly offer a fresh take on being able to clarify your own loving self and your connection with a higher power. Truly empowering, this book allows you to see the concepts that the great masters have communicated for centuries, in a modern day, with modern words, by a truly timeless, yet modern voice."