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Philip Catshill
My first EBook Crime Thriller 'Who Else is There?' features Mike Newman and his friends who tackle a growing band of ruthless killers, rapists and robbers. Oh yes, these bad guys are in the police! The tag line is, “If you can’t trust the police, who else is there?”
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Ask yourself, if you can’t trust the police, who else is there?

 This is the first in the series of Mike Newman mysteries.

Hartingham, a fictitious city in the English midlands has only one unsolved murder on the books. Francis Turner was beaten to death ten years before this story begins.

On the day that Sandra, an attractive policewoman, persuades the newly promoted police sergeant, Mike Newman to leave his adulterous wife, he suffers a serious head injury. While he struggles to recover there is an explosion of crime at his former police station. Corruption spreads like an evil cloud. Law is enforced only if police officers choose to implement it. Crime thrives and permeates their ranks like a disease. Police officers profit by letting criminals walk free. Even murder and rape is not only condoned by them but is arranged by them and even committed by them.  Sandra struggles to come to terms with the changes in Mike and realises that his affection lies elsewhere.  Then, in an unusual turn of events, Mike has hallucinations which involve the murdered man from ten years before which enable him to link the murder with recent events. Another murder brings Mike to the forefront of the investigation. With his friends, Mike is plunged into adventure and danger as he tries to tackle the evil head on.