Eddie's Desert Rose

Mystery & Thrillers

By Vincent Meis

Publisher : Create Space

Eddie's Desert Rose

ABOUT Vincent Meis

Vincent Meis
Vincent Meis grew up in Decatur, Illinois and graduated from Tulane University. He received a Masters in Psychology from Lone Mountain College and a Masters in English from San Francisco State University. Since 1991 he has taught at City College of San Francisco and from 1999-2009  More...



It is a thriller about a young American’s search to find out what happened to his brother in Saudi Arabia and the forces that will do anything to stop him. Dave and Eddie Bates seek their fortune as guest workers in Saudi Arabia, but when Eddie doesn’t show up for work one day, Dave fears the worst. His questions go unanswered by the authorities and he suspects a cover up. He must take matters into his own hands.

The author spent time in Saudi Arabia teaching English and lived to tell about. The book of course is fiction and any similarity between the characters and real life persons is coincidental.

Eddie's Desert Rose is interesting on many levels. It explores the traditional relationship between two brothers, and we are exposed to the raw dysfunctions that happen in every family. The book also digs deeper into the patriarchal society of the Middle East countries. There is a brotherhood that exists to promote the cultural, religious,and hierarchical status of men and the economy. Vincent Meis takes us on a clever journey to the underbelly world of one Royal family. Where the secret lives of men are carefully compartmentalized and covered up to protect the family power structure at all costs. 

Two sets of brothers battle against family secrets, homosexuality, murder and political cover ups. It's a fascinating story of paralleled lives on one hand but completely at opposite ends of the spectrum. Meis uncovers the lives of Eddie and Dave one layer at a time. We understand their choices. The author could have further developed the relationship between the two brothers Majed and Muhammad. A complete picture of this Saudi Arabian family and the dichotomy between these two brothers from adolescence to manhood would have enriched this story even more. Nonetheless, I was riveted by the twists and turns, compelled to finished this new book. 

One obvious question remains across all continents, cultural boundaries and social norms. Will society ever drop the trappings of religion and embrace the imbued nature of so many men? Homosexuality is not a curse, a choice or an unintended consequence of society gone rogue. It does however play a key role, in Eddie's Desert Rose, and forces everyone to move forward. By Michelle Star

This book is great; a well-written thriller, but also an inside view into Saudi life and culture in the changing world of the 1990's where impact of economy, tradition, gender, sexual orientation, immigration, crime, and justice seem to be constantly redefining life. I was fun and informative. Highly recommended. By Martin

I happened upon a reading the author gave at a coffee house in Southern California. I liked the reading so I bought the book. It turned out to be something of a crossover between a thriller and a literary work, but in this case, the mix works well. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the suspense kept me turning pages. Sexy in it's own way as well. I'd buy it again. By Guillermo Bosch, Author of Rain