Claire Voyant Book I Saving Grace

Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By David Parker

Publisher : River Press Publishing

ABOUT David Parker

David Parker
An artist/author, mason, father, sage, living in Southern France.



Young Claire Voyant is the Millennium Seer and has greatest gift for seeing the future of anyone in a thousand years.  When her mother is kidnapped by an unscrupulous moneyman, Claire, her father, and a small band of protectors, are forced to flee their mountain sanctuary and head to sea.  With the crew of an old whaling ship the band of intrepid adventurers are chased around the world by hired pirates, whose only mission is to "get the girl". After avoiding capture, weathering storms and finding doomed treasure, Claire and her friends return to rescue her mother. Unfortunately, dark forces have been lurking in the shadow and the marvelous adventure continues in Claire Voyant: Book II: The Scimitars of Zanzibar.  
Claire Voyant is one of the best action/adventure/fantasies to come along in a decade, and a must read and highly recommended for young adults of all ages. Written by D. S. Parker and published by River Press Publishing, Claire Voyant is available as a digital download exclusively on