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By Thomas Bryant

Publisher : Telemachus Press

ABOUT Thomas Bryant

Thomas Bryant
Thomas Bryant received his education at Cal Baptist University in Riverside, CA. While studying political science, he began a love affair with books and discovered a passion for writing. Coming from humble beginnings with economic demands, he took an internship in the service industry as a More...


Long Gone is a fast-paced thrilling tale of love, romance, corruption and murder as seen through the eyes of Sammy Page, who was turned out to make fast money by a desperate mother at the age of 10 years old as he hopscotched down a crooked path of a life of crime. 

He meets Marla Herrera during late-night emergency surgery and immediately pursues the single mom, who is a long, curvy Spanish American nurse who can't resist the smooth talking, hard bodied villain with bedroom eyes and devilish moves. 

After a few years of marriage he allows himself to get close to her daughter, Anita, who begins to idolize him like a storybook hero, but begins to question what he does when he's away or how he makes a living.

Page actually goes so far as to see himself as the father that he never had and finally finding the family life that he has always wanted when he is identified on a surveillance tape where a theft had occurred and a man and wife had been found brutally murdered.

Long Gone Keeps you on the edge of your seat !,
  I thoroughly enjoyed reading Long Gone, the story is exciting and dramatic, with many turns of plot.Every good thriller needs a good villain, Sammy foots the bill as a villain you can't help but love.
Plenty of interesting characters to keep you entertained, with enough humor adding to the fun of reading this fast paced tale, you won't want to put it down till it's finished. Looking forward to the next book in the series.
 Sammy Page rocks!,

Nail-biting suspense from page one. Very sexy & humorous! Main character, Sammy Page, is a lovable career criminal.The ending was left open for a sequel. Looking forward to it!
 Great Reading,This is a very exciting book. From the start to the finish. You can't help but love Sammy and his antics. This book is one of those that you can't put down. If you want a good book to read, then read Long Gone.

Intriguing Drama/Suspense & LOL hilarious! What a fun read...,
LONG GONE has just about every twist and turn one could imagine. Author - Thomas Bryant has a remarkable talent for descriptive detail, creating intrigue among his characters and surroundings. He pulls the reader in, as if they're right in the middle of the Action or Steamy Love scenes, did I say STEAMY?....Whew! Sammy, trapped by his childhood influence, later stealing high dollar cars and boats for big returns. The circumstances and situations he stumbles upon, are unpredictable. You'll find yourself emotionally attached to everyone, laughing, heartstrings pulled, then wanting to help KICK some BOOTY! In the finale, you'll find yourself leaning on the water cooler sharing memorable scenes with friends and family for sure! I totally recommend this book, I think it would make a great movie! Visualize "Sammy Page" as Matthew McConnaughey...oh WOW! Need I say more? Have fun selecting supporting actor's for the other characters.Enjoy the fun Ride and Adventure.