ABOUT Steve Van Gorder

Steve Van Gorder
I just turned 59 in jan. 2012, I have worked for supervalu for 31 ys. so maybe it is time for a change. so I put out my first book called  EPLAYZA  It is a si-fi book. what I like to do when I have time is travel,ski,hike,read and hunt.


Troy Colt, a man with the tea party spirit.was a Navy seal,a member of seal team 6. Then worked for the CIA,later called on for missions out beyond this world.traveling by dark light Troy is instantaneously transported anywhere in the universe.to exciting,dangerous,impossible missions out in the universe.find out how did he get the title ''MAN OF MY PURPOSE''
John Larson of the Tacoma Weekly reviewed Eplayza in jan.2012 . A large number of people that I work with said the book was fast moving,exciting,twists and turns. With a few things they had never seen or read befor.