Clicker Training the Law of Attraction or How to treat the Universe like a Dog

ABOUT Anna Shiney

Anna Shiney
Who am I?I, like you, am many things and have done many things.Here are some of those things that define me:I have been manifesting for more than 30 years I have been an investment banker for more than 20 years I have been a clicker trainer for more than 10 years I have been a published wr More...


Anna Shiney shows you how to use clicker training to make the law of attraction finally work for you. Manifesting your wishes can be so easy, if done correctly. This book explains to you step-by-step how to become a successful manifestor of wealth, relationships, health and happiness. Would you like the law of attraction to finally work for you? Would you like to manifest the life you desire with fun and ease? Would you like to be happier in your everyday life? Then this book is perfect for you Clicker training is a well established method of behavior modification in animals. In this book, animal behavior consultant Anna Shiney shows you how to use clicker training to modify your life. Using the same principles that are used in animal training, Anna Shiney teaches you step by step how to successfully manifest the life you desire.
"Having been in the LOA field for several years, it seems I have read and reviewed almost everything out there. Anna's book brings a fresh perspective to the process of manifesting, which is often what we need when we are stuck (or think we know it all). The book is fun, which is immensely helpful, and also filled with tricks and tools to help a beginning manifester progress with speed and confidence. I enjoyed it, and it's easily worth the price. Happy manifesting!" — Shauna  Arthurs

"I've been following the Law of Attraction philosophy for many years. Having been inspired by the film 'The Secret', it took me some time to realise that there were other factors that needed to be taken into account. So, I spent several years reading book after book, PDF documents and e-books to find out why it was not working for me in the way I wanted. This book has helped me tremendously; it actually showed me the formula on not just how to show gratitude but to feel the joy that goes with that. Just a few simple words that I learned from this book gave me access to the emotions that are needed to vibrate and then manifest what I want. I can highly recommend it! " —Pangie Jackson