The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight: Every Woman's Journey through Seven Stages of Transformation

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Kendra Kett

Publisher : Key Answer Products

The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight: Every Woman's Journey through Seven Stages of Transformation

ABOUT Kendra Kett

Kendra Kett
Kendra Kett is the author of The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight: Every Woman’s Journey through Seven Stages of Transformation, an inspiring, empowering book for women and girls. Using poetry, art, healing colors, and the power of one’s own inner voice, the book offers guidance through seve More...



Don’t want to be pinned down and stuck anymore? The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight is a 258-page, soft-cover, inspirational book which assists women through seven stages of transformation as they experience profound personal change. Through fluid illustrations and over 100 empowering affirmations, the book tells the universal story of going inside ourselves, unfolding, surfacing, expanding, ascending, coming back down, and sharing our visions with others. Encouraging women to listen to their inner voice, be true themselves, live the life they love and want, and pursue their dreams fearlessly, the book tells the story of Every Woman.

“The Pinwheel Girls can unleash the power of a woman’s potential in her career and long-held dreams if she heeds her inner voice. The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight is a great tool for career coaches working with women who have ignored their dreams for too long.” Stephanie Peacocke, Certified Career & Life Transitions Coach, SRP Consulting, Gig Harbor WA

“I love the Pinwheel Girls and the journey that they take you on and through. I feel, as I move through their phases and emotions, that they are telling my stories and believe that the true beauty of the Pinwheel Girls is how they reveal and embrace the ever changing flow of life as a woman. To celebrate where we’ve been and where we are going is a powerful thing!” Alison Smetana, Owner and Creator, be.ology, Northbrook IL

Every page of The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight is alive with compassion and rich with soulfulness. This book speaks with the voice of wisdom and beauty. Feminine wisdom is the intelligence at the heart of creation. This is truly a remarkable book that will nourish your heart and transform your spirit. This book helped me remember that women have an innate sense of spirituality, an ability to attune to the wisdom within themselves. I could go on extolling its virtues but it will do more good if every woman just takes my advice and reads it. Gena Livings – Lifestyle Modification Coach and Author of The Livings Key Principles