The Stroke Of Midnight

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, Gay & Lesbian


Publisher : Imperial Pride (Dare Empire eMedia Productions)




Night falls. Passions are released. Yet human desire is not the only thing the darkness brings with it. When the moon is high and all the land is sleeping, gods descend and transform into men of such beauty that they are irresistible to mere mortals. Vampires hunt, not only for blood but for men worthy enough to join their ranks. And the devil himself is free to roam and take what he wants from those who don't know any better. Other creatures tread bolder paths. They walk amongst us during the hours of daylight. Creatures like an ancient demon from the sea, ghosts of pirates long since dead who see an opportunity for gain, and a beast of blackbirds whose hunger is not for love or lust, but revenge.
Even other worlds are not safe from creatures of the night. Many centuries into the future man love is illegal. Men caught with other men are exiled to Tansa, a nearby lush, verdant planet. However, in its breathtaking jungles, hitherto undisturbed for eons, there lurks the last of an ancient race.  
And finally there are the creatures within ourselves. Borne from the desire for youth and beauty, a man can be driven to extreme lengths. He can become a beast as wicked and evil as anything hell can cough up. There are others who have no control over the beast within. There are others who have to endure the wickedness of others, thrust upon them in the form of a curse.  

One way or another this book will keep you up until the stroke of midnight. Do you dare?