ABOUT Bruce L. Thompson Jr.

Bruce L. Thompson Jr.
Author Bruce L. Thompson Jr. resides in Hollywood, California.  He was inspired to write this book about love from a deep connection with God and his love for people.
He is a gifted speaker, seer and creative advisor to many. His unique ability to see into the lives of othe More...



Finally! A Handbook of Love has been Written


Is love a gift from above or a responsibility we all share? Renowned Seer and Spiritual Life Coach Bruce Thompson Jr. has been counseling single men and women and couples for two decades about love and he has finally sat down to put his thoughts on paper. If you are looking for love and seek clarity on what it is and how to attain it, this is the book for you. The Handbook of Love is destined to create a new love culture in your life, one that is stronger and more giving, less self-centered, and more divinely inspired.


Have you been wondering if you will ever find love? Is your soul mate still out there or did the two of you pass each other by like two ships at night? Bruce Thompson Jr. shares his insights about what is “meant to be” and what you might be forcing. “In order to be loved, one needs to become someone who loves,” he tells us. “Far too many of us spend too much time trying to gain what we want instead of looking at what our partners needs are. Love needs to be open and giving.”


Composed after years of meditation and inspired by Bruce’s own relationships with others and with his Higher Power, the message in the Handbook of Love surpasses all of the quotes about love, poems about love, and songs about love that men and women have relied on for years to shape their ideas and actions about love. Written for more than just those seeking romantic relationships, the Handbook of Love expounds upon a need for more love in this world and how we can each play a part in cultivating it.


Your Future, not Your Fortune


The Handbook of Love is not a collection of love spells or love horoscopes. It is a tool to help men and women build a healthier future, one that is based in love and not their own selfish needs. Bruce Thompson’s advice in this book brings clarity, hope, and a new way of life for those who want it. The author doesn’t subscribe to horoscope compatibility love, but outlines a program of love and respect that can be applied to all relationships, not just the romantic ones. Love is a universal spiritual principle, a concept that is present in all faiths, cultures, and languages on earth. 


Love wins in the end, according to most spiritual and philosophical texts. The Handbook of Love portrays a life path for all where love isn’t one choice of many, but the only choice for a happy life. It talks about unconditional love and how that is possible for human beings. Most romantic pursuits are based in selfish love. Being open to love to all will lead to healthier relationships in all areas of our lives. Living with that kind of belief system will make those romantic relationships stronger and longer lasting.   


Clarity and Inspiration to develop your own Ideas


The Handbook of Love is not dogma. It helps bring clarity and inspires readers to develop their own thinking about love. It encourages men and women to meditate and reach out to something outside themselves to gain clarity and understanding of love. According to Bruce Thompson Jr. the ability to love and be loved is a profound gift we have all been given, something that is inside all of us but cultivated by a power outside, whatever your belief of that power might be.


“The Handbook of Love is not a dogmatic text book with step by step directions,” Bruce tells us. “It’s a guide to open up the eyes and mind to the concept of love in a way that you’ve never felt it or practiced it before. My intent is to provide the first step to help you develop your own thoughts and ideas on the subject, an awakening of the spirit that will bring you to a new level of spiritual consciousness.”  


And of course, there’s Romantic Relationship Love Assistance


For all of you in romantic relationships and seeking to be in romantic relationships, there’s plenty of useful advice and assistance available in the Handbook of Love. What’s the difference between this book and every other you’ve read on the subject? Those other books focus on the individuals involved in relationships. The Handbook of Love focuses on love itself, how to give it and how to receive it. It provides a fresh insight that can only be divinely inspired. It is by far the best book you will ever read on the subject of love, the only one you will ever need, so buy it today and start changing your life for the better by applying the most powerful principle we have in all of your affairs – Love