Girls of Gabe's Place 2:Jessica

ABOUT Misty Reigenborn

Misty Reigenborn
Misty Reigenborn is the author of ten current titles:  romance novels A Twist of Fate, Crestview Academy: Tory, Crestview Academy: Molli, Girls of Gabe's Place 1: Brandy, and Girls of Gabe's Place 2: Jessica, erotic romance short story collection This Song Reminds Me of You, poetry coll More...



Jess landed in Brunton in search of the father that left her when she was three. But she got more than she bargained for.

Daylin is a 25 year old playboy who met Jess at a diner in nearby Welton and has talked his way into her heart.

Gabe is her hot new boss and the owner of local bar Gabe's Place. When Jess is betrayed by Daylin, she has a one night stand with Gabe to get back at him. But Gabe doesn't want to let her go.

Will Jess give Daylin another chance after what became a disastrous beginning to their relationship? Will Gabe give up on Jess and let her get on with her life?