The Dragon Prophesies: Search for the Banshee Sprite

The Dragon Prophesies: Search for the Banshee Sprite

ABOUT Gail Fattori

Gail Fattori
I am a writer of Fantasy/Adventures for pre-teen to young adult.  I have a series in the works called, "The Dragon Prophesies". It has been described as a "Fairy tale with sinister undertones."  I love that. Besides being a mom, this is the only thing that I have eve More...



  On the night that his parents are taken, Aeron a boy who had been raised in protective isolation, was thrown into a world that was as foreign to him as a distant land.  It is an enchanted world fraught with dangers, inhabited by strange, magnificent, and mystical creatures.  It is a world where dragon's thrive, fairy tale creatures exist, and reality is the stuff of legends.

  Aeron is sent on a journey back in time, across the many kingdoms, where he will face countless dangers in order to save his parents from the very evil that plagues his world.  He must go on a journey in search of the Banshee Sprite.