Officer Down

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Mo Shines



A scorned mother hell-bent on bloody vengeance...In a tumultuous time when the NYPD was involved in the deaths of several young, black men, Faith Green s world is shattered when her son becomes yet another casualty. Enraged by the circumstances surrounding her son s death, she takes the law into her own hands after the cops responsible get off with a slap on the wrist. With the help of her gun trafficking boyfriend and his disgruntled Marine brother, Faith exacts her revenge by knocking off the cops one by one, leaving the entire city on edge. Together the trio is determined to rid the streets of the murderous police officers with the blood of three innocent teens on their hands. By day they stick to their normal routines, waiting until the cover of darkness to stalk their prey the boys in blue. However, the vigilantes must acknowledge the consequences of their actions. If they are caught, the grim reality will be life in prison or a fight to the death. But as the saying goes, if you don t stand for something, you die for nothing.