Sex Lies & Alibis

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L. Dwain Boswell
Award Winning Author L. Dwain Boswell is the founder of, an initiative that exist to motivate people to put in the effort it takes to achieve success in their relationships and life in general.  He is a devoted husband and father who believes valuing women is a respo More...


The average person starts a relationship putting their best foot forward.  They are dressed to impress and quite often personal fulfillment is very much on their mind.  This Award Winning book has over 10 years of uncut and candid observations about why the current relationship culture continues to fail.  It exposes relationship games in a way that informs and empowers, while providing a new approach to success.  In addition, it provides a fresh perspective to the questions:


·         Is love at first sight possible?


·         Are all men dogs?


·         How long should I date someone before marrying them? 


In public forums these are just a few of many questions that come up, but there is often not enough time to elaborate, as people are desperately longing for the details.  This book will become a relationship map at your fingertips.  All you have to do is open it and began reading this insightful exposéof the game, and let it transform your relationships.


Award Winning Author L. Dwain Boswell is the founder of, an initiative that exist to motivate people to put in the effort it takes to achieve success in their relationships and life in general. He is a devoted husband and father who believes valuing women is a responsibility that comes with being a real man. As an author and speaker, he uses his talent to motivate men and women to embrace a new approach to successful relationships, while raising awareness of the evil abomination of human trafficking and the cruel exploitation of women. He believes that half the battle of solving any problem is exposing it, and for over 15 years has been passionate about inspiring a generation of men who will join the movement of treasuring our women and girls. Dwain has been married to Renona for nearly 14 of those years. They have two children, and live in the beautiful state of Alabama.

Reviewed by Wen Lung for Readers' Favorite

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that relationships today are miles away from what they were decades ago. "Sex Lies & Alibis" is a rather off-putting title for what would otherwise be a brilliant book. Dwain Boswell very accurately puts down into words over 10 years of uncensored observations of where typical relationships are heading, and trust me, things aren’t looking too optimistic. The book sheds insights into the relationship games that majority of us intentionally or unintentionally play, but if we were able to denounce, discern and dodge the game, half the battle is won. After all, if you picked up this book, what you are really interested in is a relationship for the long haul, not some ‘quickie with a sickie’. Dwain Boswell then teaches us a thing or two about setting the records straight right from the start with his A.F.I.E.M. approach. "Sex Lies & Alibis" is heavily seasoned with apt biblical references to further endorse the beautiful journey from acquaintances to marriage. 

This is the kind of book that is painfully honest, excruciatingly difficult to achieve (especially dependent on how accepting our society is), but oh-so-good for your mind, body and soul. I enjoyed the sincere approach this book took in addressing the truth in modern relationships. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize that some decisions aren’t lying in the grey area; it is either right or wrong. But society has made it so acceptable that these decisions become the standard. I believe that this book will make women stronger, men more virtuous, and society more discerning of the truth.



Public forum feedback for Sex Lies & Alibis


(Held between 2004 and 2011)






"I look at dating a whole new way now. I see time is needed for me to grow. I see what I want in someone else, but I need something to offer too." Female 18-20




“As I look back I realize I could have done things a whole lot differently. But that is the past. EXCELLENT!”  Female 24-26




“I’ve been friends with a guy for 8 years. We are best friends and talk at least 3 hours on the telephone everyday. We have decided to take things slow and not rush into the stages too soon. We have also made a commitment to not have sex until we are married.”  Female 24-26




“It has provided me with the information needed to help several people & friends. This is a God sent seminar” Male 27-29




“It has further helped me to seek out qualities within myself that need improvement or elimination. Also, I’ve also been able to examine how I handle situations with the opposite sex.” Female 24-26




“This seminar reinforced a lot of topics that were already included in my personal studies, while still introducing a fresh perspective. There were a couple of times that I thought ‘I never looked at it like that’, and exploring another perspective from my own always encourages growth.” Female 24-26




“I thought it to be extremely helpful because of a situation with a particular female I’ve been with. It was great!!” Male 18-20




"This seminar has helped me in my current relationship and my friends who I hang out with on a regular basis.  My boyfriend and I have talked and I have shared with him what I've learned and we are in agreement. Engagement is next!"Female 21-23




"It has helped me re-evaluate some of the relationships in my life." Female 18-20




"This seminar helped me to access my current relationships and explained some issues I've had in the past." Female 21-23




"I really enjoyed this seminar.  It has taught me a lot and will be a great tool to me." Female 18-20