The Promise


By Jess O Connell

Publisher :

The Promise

ABOUT Jess O Connell

Jess O Connell
I work in the creative arts in many roles from dance choreographer, artist, author, stylist, to creatve arts design consultant.
I have amassed over many years quite a collection of poems, also short stories, flash fiction, two book manuscripts, and a script for a play and some person More...



In this first ever published collection by the Author and categorized under the theme of three seasons and the sea, beginning with autumn followed by winter through to spring. Representing loves transition from its untimely demise, subsequent longing and broken heart, to the promise of love.
The past meets the present!
In this first ever published collection of poetry by the author and written with warmth and feeling straight from the heart, this book intends to take readers,on a journey of emotions.
A landmark in poetry, using olde English and contemporary crossover dialects.

Carl Taylor Just finished reading your book Jess, beautiful poems.