Khet Chronicles: Blood Ties

ABOUT Marcus Twyman

Marcus Twyman
I'm the author of the dark urban fantasy novel Khet Chronicles:  Blood Ties.  
I've spent most of my life living in Montgomery County, Maryland and I've recently relocated to New York City.
My goal is to have readers connect to my characters on an emotional level -- to feel how More...



This is a story surrounding two brothers, Kalin and Shane. They come from a race of supernatural beings that resemble us known as the Nebu Khet (Khet). 

They lived a wonderful life, a life filled with love and least they did for a while.

Shane's blood was seen as unclean by the other members of khet society. His lineage stemmed not only from the powerful khet race, but also from that of the sapes (normal human beings). His birth shouldn't have been possible, but now that he'd come into existence there were those who wanted to destroy him lest the khet bloodlines become polluted with sape DNA.

That's when the blood began to spill...

Kalin's mother, the leader of the North American clan, sacrificed herself so that her dream of the future could come to fruition, and now that Kalin's all grown up, he's determined to exact vengeance on those that killed his family and forced Shane and himself to live in the shadows of both khet and sape society. Now...he's stepping out of the shadows and into a war.

Kalin and Shane will both learn secrets stretching back thousands of years. They'll meet other people who also hide secrets from the world and are more than they appear to be.

They'll travel the globe in search of allies and truths. But will their efforts be enough to keep them alive? Will they reclaim what was lost, or will they die trying?

This book started out as a story that lived in my head from the time I was a child. The characters basically grew up with me, developing into rich, complex, individuals with their own insecurities and complexes. I hope that everyone who reads this book enjoys the story and comes to love the characters as much as I do. Thank you for all your support. Best Regards, Marcus

Awesome Read !!, March 5, 2012
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This review is from: Khet Chronicles: Blood Ties (Paperback)
Super captivating. Great story with elaborate twists... very witty and entertaining. Loved the characters - the story had me rooting for Kalin. Readers of Kim Harrison, Dean Koontz & Patricia Briggs would enjoy this book. Can't wait for the sequel. - Amazon

Been waiting, March 1, 2012
This review is from: Khet Chronicles: Blood Ties (Paperback)
I've been waiting for this book to be released and finally I get the chance to order my personal copy. Thanks Marcus, keep em coming and I will be your biggest fan . - Amazon

Great read!, February 29, 2012
This review is from: Khet Chronicles: Blood Ties (Paperback)
Anyone who likes the paranormal fiction with a kick, check this out! I hope to see more from this new writer, 
definitely recommend to paranormal and horror 
fiction fans anywhere. - Amazon