Biting & Aggression:How to Solve Problem Behavior with Clicker Training. The Bird School for Parrots and Other Birds.

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By Ann Castro

Publisher : AdlA Papageienhilfe gGmbH

ABOUT Ann Castro

Ann Castro
Since childhood, Ann Castro has been surrounded by parrots, as well as other birds and animals. Both parents being medical doctors – her father a psychiatrist and neurologist, her mother a general practitioner who also bred budgeriars – Ann was introduced to behavioural, as well as med More...


A behavior therapy book for experienced clicker trainers. This book will teach you how to resolve biting and aggression problems with your birds using clicker training.
ATTENTION: The methods used in this book require the knowledge of Clicker Training for Parrots and Other Birds, Volumes I and II, “Clicker Training” and “More Clicker Training“. Please read both books first, if you are not already an experienced clicker trainer.

Aggressive behavior is a typical problem in parrot keeping. It is the most common reason why parrot owners seek my help. Unfortunately, they are usually looking for help when the initial behavior deviation has already developed into a massive problem. At that stage the issue is much harder to resolve as the behavior has already become firmly established. Many parrot owners do not recognise in the early stages of a behavior issue that a problem is developing. Once it becomes obvious to them, they often try first to fix the problem themselves. They surf the internet, diverse message boards or ask other parrot owners for tips regarding the resolution of the problem behavior. Unfortunately, these tips are often a disaster. They do not only heighten the problem behavior or worsen the relationship between owner and pet, often enough they have animal welfare relevancy. In addition, valuable time is lost in which the undesirable behavior is more 10 Ann Castro firmly established. This helps neither the owner nor the animal. With this book I would like to assist you in recognizing and warding off potential aggression problems at an early stage. I would also like to show you how to implement behavior therapy measures to solve even advanced behavior problems yourself. To accomplish this the book gives you step-by-step instructions walking you through the procedures carried out by behavior consultants to resolve biting and aggression problems.

A very well-written easy to understand book- Highly recommended. The step-by-step detailed information that is presented in relation to solving challenging parrot behavior is exceptional. I do strongly recommend buying Clicker Training for Parrots and Other Birds Volume I and Volume II in conjunction with this book for a more thorough understanding. You will not be disappointed!