ABOUT Brenda McCain

Brenda McCain
Hello, my name is Brenda McCain and my debut novel "Walking Upright" is a Christian Fiction romance novel. I'm a Minister's wife and former Compliance Analyst who is ver passionate about helping people with disabilities and empowering women to discover their woman's worth. I  More...



Who said Walking Upright would be easy? Especially in stilettos...

On the surface, self-assured Tyler Kensington seems to have it all-a fulfilling career on the fast track, a steady relationship, and a tight-knit circle of family and friends. But upheaval is just around the corner.

Faced with the reality of losing her job and her relationship, Tyler ventures into unfamiliar territory when her best friend Alex convinces her to relocate to San Diego. Tyler's mom chides her about growing in her relationship with the Lord, and her "I grew up in church" mantra will gradually mean less and less. Her friends, Alex and Rae, though well-meaning, are in no position to offer Tyler spiritual advice.

In San Diego, she meets Chrissie, a new friend and co-worker; Yolanda, an older lady who becomes a mother figure at her new church; and finally, someone who isn't "packaged" to her taste-who isn't even on her menu. Tyler whines to God, "This ain't what I ordered!"

Tyler , the self-assured, "I grew up in church" girl, experiences the Word growing up in her.            


On the surface s