Off The Block : A Collection of Poems and Social Criticism

Politics & Current Affairs, Poetry

By Quincy Lewis


ABOUT Quincy Lewis

Quincy Lewis
Quincy L. Lewis, most often known as Q, is a 32 year – old writer/entrepreneur from Detroit, MI. Q realized his writing talent during his second year of college where he was invited by the journalism department adviser to join the school newspaper. Many deadlines, two internships, a degr More...



Off The Block is a comprehensive collection of Harlem Renaissance influenced poetry and Urban American social criticism. See the world from my block!

The poetry is influenced by early Harlem Renaissance writers such as Gwendolyn Brooks and Langston Hughes. The social criticism is a receptive summation of the world from an urban American perspective.

A thoughtful collection. I especially appreciated the wide-ranging social commentary, which discusses many of the important issues of our time in an honest and insightful voice. Can't wait to see what this writer does next! - Cindy Bily