Where the Boys Are

Mystery & Thrillers

By Hilary West

Publisher : PublishAmerica

Where the Boys Are

ABOUT Hilary West

Hilary West
I am an author trying to set a trend. I have several books for sale on amazon and hope to keep publishing my books. They are short stories, novels and children's books.


'Where the Boys are' is a fun novel that deals with some darker issues. Boys are being trained for rent boy activity and it is a hard-edged world that somehow contains many laughs along the way. Characters like Councillor Reece with his corset and Trevelyan Harris Spunner with his frequenting of park toilets are all in there somewhere. Adonises like Ariel and Hayden enjoy their position in trade but little girl Snowdrop is a matter of some concern, most notably to Midge, the young recruit sent from Doris Spangle's bent adoption agency. Soon things go wrong and someone is murdered near The Lodge where these activities take place. Then Overleaf, a young rent boy is found dead and finally Mrs. Dubbins the housekeeper is shot. A garrulous nun careers through the novel like only her kind can and it becomes a rollercoaster ride to find the killer.

The story behind the book is that evil lurks in a lot of dark unexplored places. A garrulous nun is an innocent in this world of premeditated evil.

A sometimes dark novel that has plenty of laughs too. (Publishamerica)