Think in 3D: Food for Thought For Directors, Cinematographers & Stereographers

ABOUT Clyde DeSouza

Clyde DeSouza
Clyde DeSouza is a Creative Technology Evangelist. He explores technologies such as Augmented Reality, Real-time Game engines and Stereoscopic 3D and their influence on human perception. His first non fiction book, "Think in 3D" has been seen on a growing number of film-location  More...


Stereoscopic 3D is crossing over from Hollywood into mainstream media. This book is designed to inspire a new kind of "3D thinking" in Directors, Cinematographers, Screenwriters and even Film School students, to encourage further exploration and integration of this medium into the process of visual storytelling.

Stereoscopic 3D should not only be about rigs and parallax any more than traditional filmmaking is about focal lengths and aspect ratios. Certainly there are techniques and considerations that have to be taken into account when making good Stereo 3D, but ultimately it is only how Stereoscopic 3D influences the audience's experience of a film that is important.

This book is not a nuts and bolts, mirror rigs and depth budget handbook; instead it is a dialogue, a story and conversation designed to provoke new kinds of Stereo 3D thinking, as we delve into this fascinating new medium of visual communication.

The book will lead you through an exploration of the most important questions about S3D's present, then inspire you to venture into the Why and What If?  Hopefully that will lead to insights and inspire Directors, DPs and upcoming Stereographers, to unleash the true potential that S3D has as an integral, enriching part of the filmmaking process.

This book has been over 2 years in the making. It is a collection of experiences and thoughts on where Stereoscopic 3D Film-making should eventually be heading. After you read this book, going to a 3D movie may never be the same again. If it now means that you walk away from the cinema realizing there was something amiss in a 3D movie, now knowing what Stereo3D is capable of... ...then maybe, you would be the one to influence a change in the way 3D movies are made henceforth. Stereoscopic 3D deserves "genre status". Movies like Avatar and Hugo showed us what's possible... It's your turn now as a film-maker, or Screenwriter or Editor to take it forward.

First real book I've read on the Cinematography/Theory of 3D 

Reason why I liked this book is it gave the "reason" for 3D, just not doing it for a gimmick. Book is for people that either have a low end 3D camera, for people that have a interest in 3D, and for 3D experts that are pondering the more general concepts of why shoot in 3D. Book is not a howto guide for 3D, but does have some good suggestions for getting started.