Tales Within

ABOUT R.H. Suleyman

R.H. Suleyman
R.H. (Recep) Suleyman was born in London in 1990 just four days before Halloween, providing the foundation for great creativity. From an early age, his interest in writing was apparent, as he was continuously scribbling down the stories his mind would conjure up. Brought up on the many dif More...



Within these pages lies a spellbinding world of dragons and fairies, where witches and wizards cast curses on princes and princesses. Within an old Victorian shop, which sells the most magnificent handcrafted snow globes, there is a secret kept well and truly hidden. In a secret chamber within the shop, there is a beautiful Victorian glass cabinet. Within the cabinet, there are many snow globes. Now, these are not just any old snow globes. They are magical snow globes, and trapped within each globe is a bewitching tale. The time has come for these tales to be told. Children and adults – prepare to be enchanted by the magical stories of R.H. Suleyman in Tales Within.