My Unplanned Obsolescence

My Unplanned Obsolescence

ABOUT Thom Topham

Thom Topham
I’m a singer/songwriter, musician, producer, poet, photographer, painter, wannabe interior-designer and, of course, a writer. I live in London.I happen to be gay, but I am not ‘a queen’.I am currently writing My Unplanned Obsolescence, my autobiography, and publishing it exponentiall More...



Summer. 2010.  
A 58 year-old gay man (who is not a 'queen'), a singer-songwriter and musician, and a former club promoter, event organiser and journalist is reflecting on his tumultuous and eventual life whilst staying alone at his family's idyllic seaside cottage in Cornwall, South-West England. He's suffering from two serious illnesses and has given-up alcohol, with some difficulty.  He's brought a selection of old notebooks-cum-diaries with him from the 70s, 80s and 90s and is currently reading one that takes-in an extraordinary three months in 1988 which finds him on a hedonistic holiday in Barcelona, Ibiza and Paris - having recently organised Prince's celeb-filled after show parties in London. Reading the notebook kickstarts all sorts of reminiscences and thought processes that lead him to wonder at his current lack of success and love in his life.