Londyn Tale Of A Mafia Princess

Londyn Tale Of A Mafia Princess

ABOUT MaDonna Awotwi

MaDonna Awotwi
MaDonna Awotwi (Sankofa ThePoet) is first generation Ghanaian born American, considered a hoarder of useless information, Connector of words, observer of the seemingly unrelated and a Verbal Engineer.

Her passionate love affair with poetry began at a young age, her mother purcha More...


Sexy, sultry Londyn Taliaferro is the mafia princess and daughter of the most powerful man in the tri-state area, Guiseppe Taliaferro. She should be arrested because her curves are surely illegal. She exudes sex. Often turning the heads of both men and women wherever she goes. As a daddy’s girl, Londyn is spoiled rotten and hell bent on ruining her family name anyway she can. This was paybacks for her father taking her boyfriend, Jordan’s life. Londyn quickly becomes the mistress of several married, high-powered individuals. But when the wives of these men play for keeps, could Londyn be the next body to end up in the ground? Payback is a bitch with a bull horn and if Londyn's number gets called its lights out for her and her home wrecking ways!

Who said money, power, and respect is all you need in life? Londyn has all these things and more and it still may not be enough to keep her alive. This steamy, hot sophomore project from Sankofa is undoubtedly a page turner! ~C.M. Spence, author of Holy Trinity