It's Not My Mountain Anymore

It's Not My Mountain Anymore

ABOUT Its Not My Mountain Anymore By Barbara Woodall

Its Not My Mountain Anymore by Barbara Woodall
I am a 7th generation Appalachian living in the North Georgia Mountains and a Foxfire Book veteran.   I wrote "It's Not My Mountain Anymore" to share a vanished culture.  It contains no $5.00 words--just plain talk.  Amazon 5 Star



A pure dose of Appalachian reality.  The book looks at the past, present, and future.  Written in an authentic mountain voice.  Raving reviews.

The seed for my book was planted nearly 40 years ago when I was a young Foxfire student in the mountains of North Georgia. It is a heart felt journey that brings laughter and moistens eyes. It's about change in our beloved Appalachian Mountains

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